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Back up a SQL Database for Use With CentreWare Web (CWW)

Product support for: CentreWare Web

Article Id: x_server_sw_en-O15792 | Published: 05/24/2016

There are two methods to back up the application SQL databases so that the entire database, or just the Discovery Database, can be restored in case of a software failure.

Method 1:

To back up the databases and then restore:

  1. Click on [Start], click on [All Programs], then [Xerox], then [Xerox CentreWare Web], and then click on [Xerox CentreWare Web Configuration Utility].
  2. Click on [Import / Export Databases].
  3. Click on [Export Databases].
  4. Enter a path for the exported files in the field provided.
  5. Click on [Import / Export]. The export process creates the following .MDB files:
    • xrxDBCWW.mdb, which contains the entire database.
    • xrxDBDiscovery.mdb, which contains the Discovery Database.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 but select [Import Databases] in step 3 to identify the back up location and import the .MDB files, which restores the databases.

Method 2 (Recommended Method):

This method uses the SQL Enterprise tools to back up the databases. See your Microsoft Enterprise documentation for more information about using the SQL tools.

To back up the databases:

  1. Locate xrxdbcww and xrxdbdiscovery.
  2. Right-click each database using the SQL Enterprise tools and select [All], then [Tasks], and then [Backup Database].
  3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

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