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Print Quality Maintenance Guidelines

Product support for: AltaLink C8030 / C8035 / C8045 / C8055 / C8070, Xerox EC8036/EC8056 Color Multifunction Printer, AltaLink C80XX Family

Article Id: x_alc80xx_en-O4391 | Published: 07/15/2021

CAUTION: The Xerox Warranty, Service Agreement, or Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover damage caused by using unsupported paper or specialty media. The Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee is available in the United States and Canada. Coverage could vary outside these areas. Contact your local Xerox representative for details.


  • To ensure consistent print quality, the toner cartridges and Print Cartridges for many devices are designed to cease functioning at a predetermined point.
  • To maintain print quality, a warning message appears when the toner level is low or when the Print Cartridge is nearing the end of life. When the toner cartridge is empty, or when the Print Cartridge has reached end of life, a second message appears. The second message prompts you to replace the expired cartridge. The printer stops printing until you install a new toner cartridge or Print Cartridge.

Control Print-Quality:

Various factors can affect the quality of the output of your printer. For consistent and optimum print quality, use paper designed for your printer and set the paper type correctly. Follow the guidelines in this solution to maintain optimum print quality from your printer.

Temperature and humidity affect the quality of the printed output. The guaranteed range for optimal print quality is 10-28°C (50-83°F) and 15-85% relative humidity.

Paper and Media:

Your printer is designed to use various paper and other media types. Follow the guidelines in this solution for the best print quality and to avoid jams:

  • Use only Xerox approved paper. See the Related Content section for additional information.
  • Use only dry, undamaged paper.

CAUTION: Some paper and other media types can cause poor output quality, increased paper jams, or damage your printer.

Do not use the following:

  • Rough or porous paper
  • Inkjet paper
  • Non-laser glossy or coated paper
  • Paper that has been photocopied
  • Paper that has been folded or wrinkled
  • Paper with cutouts or perforations
  • Stapled paper
  • Envelopes with windows, metal clasps, side seams, or adhesives with release strips
  • Padded envelopes
  • Plastic media
  • Ensure the paper type selected in your print driver matches the paper type on which you are printing.
  • If you have the same size paper loaded in more than one tray, ensure that the proper tray is selected in the print driver.
  • Store your paper and other media properly for optimum print quality. See the Related Content section for additional information.

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