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Send a Scanned Image in an Email

Product support for: AltaLink C80XX, Xerox EC8036/EC8056 Color Multifunction Printer, AltaLink C80XX Family

Article Id: x_alc80xx_en-O3088 | Published: 07/15/2021

You can use the Email app to scan images and attach them to emails. You can specify the file name and format of the attachment, and include a subject heading and message for the email.

To send a scanned image in an email:

  1. Load your original documents.
    • For single pages or paper that cannot be fed using the duplex automatic document feeder, use the document glass. Lift the duplex automatic document feeder, then place the original documents face down in the upper-left corner of the document glass.
    • For multiple, single, or 2-sided pages, use the duplex automatic document feeder. Remove all staples or paper clips from the pages. Insert the original documents face up in the duplex automatic document feeder, with the top of the page entering the feeder first. Adjust the paper guides so that they fit against the document originals.
  2. At the printer control panel, press the Home button.
  3. Touch Email.

    Note: To clear previous App settings, touch Reset.

  4. Enter recipients.
    • If the entry screen is displayed, to enter a recipient, touch an option or touch X.
    • To select a contact or group from the Address Book, touch the Device Address Book option. Touch Favorites or Contacts, then select a recipient. Touch OK.
    • To select a contact from the Network Address Book, touch the Network Address Book option. Enter a name and touch Search, then select a recipient. Touch OK.
    • To enter the email address manually, touch Manual Entry. In the Enter Email address field, enter the email address, then touch Add.
    • To add your own email address to the recipient list, touch Add Me. If necessary, enter your login details.
    • To add more recipients, touch Add Recipient, then repeat the procedure.

      Note: The choices available for adding recipients depends on system configuration.

  5. To organize the recipients, touch one of the recipients on the list, then from the menu, select To:, Cc: or Bcc:.
  6. Adjust the email settings as needed.
    • To change the subject, touch Subject, enter a new subject, then touch OK.
    • To save the scanned document as a specific file name, touch the attachment file name, enter a new name, then touch OK.
    • To save the scanned document as a specific file format, touch the attachment file format, then select the required format. To create a searchable file or to add password protection, from the file format menu, select More.
    • To change the email message, touch Message, enter a new message, then touch OK.
    • To scan more documents using the document glass, or to change settings for different sections of the job, touch Build Job.
    • If scanning from 2-sided original documents, touch 2-Sided Scanning, then select an option.
  7. To start the scan, touch Send.
  8. If Build Job is enabled, touch Scan and when prompted, do these steps.
    • To change settings, touch Program Next Segment.
    • To scan another page, touch Scan Next Segment.
    • To finish, touch Submit.
  9. To return to the Home screen, press the Home button.

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