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Remove and Re-install the Corresponding Drum Cartridge

Product support for: VersaLink C505, VersaLink C605

Article Id: x_VLC500_en-O4299 | Published: 03/28/2018

  1. Open the right-side door.

    Open the right side door

  2. Carefully remove the waste cartridge.

    CAUTION:Be very careful when removing the waste cartridge to prevent spilling toner. Do not shake or turn the cartridge over.

    1. Press down on the waste cartridge release latch.

      Press down on the waste cartridge release latch

    2. Gently rotate the cartridge downward until it lies flat. To prevent toner spills, keep the openings facing up.

      Remove the waste cartridge

      • Be careful not to spill toner when handling the waste cartridge.
      • After removing the waste cartridge, do not touch the area shown in the illustration.

        Do not touch the openings of the waste cartridge

    3. Keep the cartridge flat, lift it with both hands, and then place it on a flat surface with the openings facing up.

      Place the waste cartridge on a flat surface

  3. Remove the appropriate drum cartridge.
    1. Press down on the drum cartridge release lever to unlock the cartridge.

      Press down on the drum cartridge release lever to unlock the cartridge

    2. Grasp the release lever, and then partially pull the cartridge out of the machine.
    3. While still holding the lever with one hand, grasp the left side of the cartridge with your other hand and then completely remove the cartridge from the machine.

      Remove the drum cartridge from the machine

    CAUTION: Do not expose the drum cartridge to light for more than 5 minutes as it can lower the life of the cartridge or cause print quality degradation.

  4. Carefully re-install the cartridge into the printer.

    Install the new drum cartridge

  5. Lift up on the drum cartridge release lever to lock the cartridge into place.

    Lift up release latch

    Make sure the latch clicks into place

  6. To reinsert the waste cartridge, lower the bottom of the cartridge into position and then lock the cartridge into place by pushing the top forward until its latch clicks.

    Re-install the waste cartridge

    Re-install the waste cartridge

  7. Close the right-side door.

    Close the right side door

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