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Load Paper Trays 4 and 5 (High Capacity Feeder)

Article Id: x_7760_en-O2660 | Published: 02/11/2016

Product support for
  • Phaser™ 7760

CAUTION: It is important that the setting on the Control Panel matches the paper type loaded in the paper tray(s). Failing to use the correct paper type setting can result in jamming, print quality degradation, and Fuser damage.

NOTE: See the Related Content for additional information about paper specifications.

To load Paper Trays 4 and 5 in the High Capacity Feeder:

  1. Open the paper tray.

    Open tray 4

    Open Tray 5

  2. Fan the paper to release sheets that are stuck together.

    Fan the Paper

  3. Adjust the pape edge guides so that they just touch the edges of the paper stack. Paper Tray 4 has only one paper edge guide.

    Adjust Tray 4 length guide

  4. Insert a stack of paper into the tray. Do not load paper above the MAX fill line or paper jams may occur.

    Do not load above maximum fill line

    NOTE: Refer to the table below for supported paper sizes and paper loading orientation.

  5. Close the paper tray. The Display Screen will display a prompt to confirm or change the selected paper type and size.
  6. If the selected type is correct, press the [OK] button. If not, change the type:
    1. Press the [Down] arrow button until 'Change Setup' is selected, and then press the [OK] button.
    2. Press the [Up] or [Down] arrow button until the correct paper type is selected, and then press the [OK] button.
    Supported Paper Sizes and Orientation
    Letter216 x 279 mm8.5 x 11 in.LEF
    A4210 x 297 mm8.3 x 11.7 in.LEF
    B5176 x 250 mm6.9 x 9.8 in.LEF

    * LEF = Long-Edge Feed / SEF = Short-Edge Feed

    Guidelines for Loading Paper

    • Place the side to be printed face-up.
    • Pre-punched holes should be on your right as you face the printer, if printed single sided. For two-sided prints, load pre-punched holes on the left side of the tray.
    • Letterhead should be at the front of the tray.

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