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Print an Embedded (Internal) Page to Determine Whether or Not the Printer is Able to Print

Product support for: Phaser 6510

Article Id: x_6510_en-O7623 | Published: 04/02/2018

If a print job fails to print or does not print as expected, then it is important to determine if the cause of the problem is the application or computer being printed from, the print driver, or the printer itself.

To determine whether or not the printer is able to print, try to print an internal page, such as the Configuration Report, from the printer. (See the Related Content for additional information.) The Configuration Report is generated internally and uses the printer imaging and controller software, as well as the Xerographic system, and the paper feeding system.

If the Configuration Report prints out correctly and without any of the defects seen on the output sent by the computer, then the problem is most likely caused by the computer, application, or print driver. Search the Online Support Assistant to help resolve printing issues pertaining to certain applications or operating systems.

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