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Configure Power Saver Settings Using the Control Panel

Product support for: Phaser 6510

Article Id: x_6510_en-O2314 | Published: 04/02/2018

You can set the time the printer spends idle in ready mode before the printer transitions to a lower power level.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the Permissions settings, some services and settings are locked, or hidden, until you enter the administrator user name and password. There is no default passcode, as the system administrator sets it when enabling this feature. If prompted, access the control panel as the administrator. See the Related Content for additional information.

To configure Power Saver mode settings:

  1. At the printer control panel, press the Menu button.

    Press the Menu button

    NOTE: To navigate through the menu, use the Up or Down arrow buttons.

  2. Navigate to Admin Menu, then press OK.
  3. Select the Timer you want to change, then press OK.

    NOTE: To set the timer values, use the Up or Down arrow buttons.

    • Low Power Timer: Set the time when the printer shifts from Ready mode to Low Power mode.
    • Sleep Mode Timer: Set the time when the printer shifts from Low Power mode to Sleep mode.
    • Power Off: Set the time of day for the printer to power off.

      To set the Power Off feature:
      1. From within the Power Off menu, navigate to Scheduled then press OK.
      2. Use the arrow buttons to select Enabled or Disabled, then press OK.
      3. When set to enabled, navigate to Power Off Time, press OK, then press the arrow buttons to enter the desired time of day.
  4. Press OK.
  5. To return the printer to Ready, press Menu.

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