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Printing With Wi-Fi Direct

Product support for: Phaser 6510, WorkCentre 6515

Article Id: x_6510_en-O1491 | Published: 04/02/2018

You can connect to your printer from a Wi-Fi mobile device, such as a tablet, computer, or smart phone, using Wi-Fi Direct.

NOTE: Wireless networking is available only on printers with the optional Wireless Network Adapter installed.

To Configure the Printer for Use With Wi-Fi Direct:

  1. Access the printer's Embedded Web Server (Web Interface). See the Related Content for additional information.

    IMPORTANT: Some features or settings are only visible or adjustable when logged in as a System Administrator. See the Related Content for additional information.

  2. Click Properties > Connectivity > Protocols.
  3. Click Wi-Fi Direct.
  4. For Wi-Fi Direct, select On.
  5. For Device Name, type a name to appear in a list of available wireless networks and devices.
  6. For IP Address, use the default or type a new IP Address.
  7. To set the printer as Group Owner for a Wi-Fi Direct group, similar to a wireless access point, select Activate.
  8. Enter a Network Key or use the default value.
  9. To hide the Network Key, select the check box.
  10. Click Apply.

To Use Wi-Fi Direct:

For details on using Wi-Fi Direct, refer to the documentation provided with your mobile device.

NOTE: Depending on which mobile device you are using, the printing procedure varies.

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