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Clean up Excess Toner (Dry Ink)

Product support for: Phaser 6300/6350, Phaser 6360

Article Id: x_6300_en-O2543 | Published: 12/07/2016

CAUTION: Do not use warm water or cleaning solvents to remove Toner (Dry Ink) from your skin or clothing. This will set the Toner and make it difficult to remove. If any Toner gets on your skin or clothing, use a brush to remove the Toner, or wash it off with cold water and mild soap. Do not attempt to use a standard shop vacuum or home vacuum to clean Toner spills in or near the machine. Shop and home vacuums are not equipped with correct filtration and will contaminate your environment.

A Toner vacuum is required to clean up Toner that has spilled inside of a printer. A Toner vacuum has a special filter that traps Toner particles preventing air contamination.

WARNING: To prevent personal injury and / or damage to the printer when cleaning spilled Toner, follow the guidelines below:

  • Do not use compressed or canned air in the printer.
  • Do not use liquids or solvents to clean up Toner spills inside the printer.
  • Do not allow Toner to touch electrical components. Toner is electrically conductive and can cause electrical component failure if it reaches sensitive components.

For additional product and material safety information, click on the [Xerox Environment, Health and Safety] link in the Related Content section.

Additional damage caused by failing to remove Toner properly with proper equipment by a qualified person may result in Billable Service regardless of warranty or onsite entitlement.

Causing further damage by not removing / reporting spilled Toner may also result in services being billed.

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