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Clear the Paper Jam in the Registration Area

Article Id: x_4600_en-O1124 | Published: 11/01/2016

Product support for
  • Phaser™ 4600/4620
  • Phaser® 4622

NOTE: If a paper jam occurs, the Display Screen on the Control Panel will identify the tray that has the jam. Press the [OK] button on the Control Panel to view additional information regarding the jam.

  1. Open the Top Cover / Door.

    Open Top Cover/Door

  2. Gently lift up the orange handle on the Toner (Dry Ink) Cartridge, and then remove the cartridge and set it aside.

    Remove Toner Cartridge

    CAUTION: Do not use warm water or cleaning solvents to remove Toner (Dry Ink) from your skin or clothing. This will set the Toner and make it difficult to remove. If any Toner gets on your skin or clothing, use a brush to remove the Toner, or wash it off with cold water and mild soap.

  3. Gently lift up the orange handle on the Drum Cartridge, and then remove the cartridge.

    Remove Drum Cartridge

    NOTE: Do not expose the Drum Cartridge to the direct sunlight or strong indoor fluorescent lighting. Do not touch or scratch the surface of the Drum.

  4. Remove any jammed, crumbled, wrinkled, or torn paper from the Fuser area.

    Remove Jammed Paper

  5. Re-install the Drum Cartridge and the Toner Cartridge, and then close the Top Cover / Door.

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