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Scan to a Desktop Computer Using a USB Cable Connection

Product support for: WorkCentre 6515 Family, WorkCentre 6515

Article Id: x66cvndgXj8CREwFHAY6OA | Published: 05/29/2019

You can import images from the scanner into a folder on your computer using a USB cable connection, through your scanning software application. To scan documents to your computer using a USB cable connection, ensure that your system meets the following requirements:

  • Your computer is connected to the printer using an A to B USB cable.
  • A suitable scanning application is installed on your computer.
  • Suitable scan drivers are installed on your computer:
    • TWAIN/WIA for Windows users
    • ICA for Macintosh users
  • A compatible operating system is installed.  The following operating systems are supported:
    • Windows 7 or later
    • Mac OS 10.8.x or later

      Note: For details about meeting these requirements, contact your system administrator.

IMPORTANT:  The firmware installed on the device must be at 65.31.81 or higher in order for scan to a desktop computer using a USB cable connection to function properly.  If necessary, upgrade the firmware.  The firmware version may be found on the Configuration Report.  For additional information, refer to Print a Configuration Report.

To scan a document to your desktop computer using a USB cable connection:

  1.  Load the original document on the document glass or in the duplex automatic document feeder.
  2.  At your computer, open the application where you want to scan the image.
  3.  In the application, ensure that your printer is set as the active scanning device. To acquire the image, select the appropriate menu item for initiating a new scan.
  4. From the scanning source menu, select an option:
    • For the document glass, select Flatbed.
    • For the duplex automatic document feeder, select Document Feeder.
  5. Select other scan driver settings as needed.
  6. To preview the document, or to select a portion of the document to scan, select Preview. The printer scans a preview of the image.

    Note: The preview feature is available only for documents loaded on the document glass.

  7. To resize the frame, select the corner points, then move them.
  8. For most scanning applications, to begin scanning, click Scan. The printer scans your original documents and saves the images to the output destination specified in the software application.

    Note: Different software applications have different default settings for the output. For details, refer to the documentation provided with your application.

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