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How To Enable 'Let Printer Determine Colors' When Printing a PDF from Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader

Product support for: VersaLink C7000_C7020_C7025_C7030 Family, VersaLink C7000, VersaLink C7020_C7025_C7030

Article Id: x33m3TlapS0nIUCECaTqOA | Published: 09/19/2018

NOTE: These steps may change a depending upon the version of Adobe Acrobat Pro or Reader installed.

From the Adobe Acrobat or Reader application:

  1. Select the File menu.
  2. Select Print.
  3. Select the Advanced button
  4. Select "Let Printer Determine Colors" in the Color Management section.
  5. Select OK. Continue printing as usual.

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