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Billing Meter Calculations

Article Id: T1Q5BiuA5C9kvyqgV3kY07 | Published: 09/26/2017

Product support for
  • iGen5 Family
  • Xerox® iGen® 5 Press

Billing is based on the sheet size (small, large, and XL1, XL2, XL3) and the color content of the image (black-only images or color images).

Note: If your press is enabled with Station 5 color printing, image impressions using Orange, Blue or Green only, or any combination of C, M, Y, and O, B, or G, are billed as color impressions. If you print with Clear or White dry ink on a blank sheet, the billing meter is not affected but the Impression Count does increment. If you apply Clear or White ink to a Black-Only image, the impression is billed as Black Only. If you apply Clear or White ink to a color image, the impression is billed as Color.

For each billing meter on your press, the Billing Meter Calculation screen shows what comprises the total impression count. Perform the following to learn how your job is being calculated for billing:

  1. From the Administration window, select the Billing tab and select Show Calculations. The Billing Meter Calculation screen appears.
  2. From the Billing Meter field, select one of the meter types on your system. The ID number for that meter is shown followed by the total print count for that meter (Count). All of the Impression Meters that comprise the total count for that Billing Meter are listed.

    The Count column shows the total count for each impression meter. The Multiplier column shows the times value, which is based on the sheet size of the printout. The Subtotal column is derived from multiplying the Count column by the Multiplier column. Add all of the subtotals to derive the total billing meter count shown at the top of the screen.

  3. The values on billing meters appear differently in different regions:
  • In North America, billing meters display the last two digits grayed out, indicating that they are not used for billing. For example, 444,000,000 images display as 444000000. The numbers not grayed out are used for billing. Meter usage will be calculated by multiplying the numbers displayed on the white background by 100.
  • In Europe, meters display the first eight digits (444,000,000 images display as 44400000). Meters will increase every 10 impressions.
  • In Fuji Xerox and DMO locations, meters display all nine digits (444,000,000 images display as 444000000). Meters increase by 1 for each impression.

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