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Configure Scan to Email With Gmail Using CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS)

Article Id: ROy3rYHnd611B8zW07lcx9 | Published: 09/04/2018

Product support for
  • WorkCentre® 6027
  • WC6027 Family

Pre-requisite: An existing Gmail account.

NOTE: “IMAP”  and “POP For All Mail”  need to be enabled in the settings section of the Gmail account.  Also “Allow less secure app” must be turned on in the Connected apps and site section  in your Gmail account . For assistance with enabling and turning on these options, contact Google Support or check Google Help Forums. It is possible to make the Scan to E-mail feature work without enabling these options, but it may delay receiving the scanned attachment if they are not enabled.

Email Server Setup (required to send email)

  1. Login to CWIS as the Administrator. See the Related Content for additional information.

  2. Click on [Properties].

  3. Click on [Protocols] to expand the list.

  4. Click on [Email Server]. The Email Server window will be displayed.

  5. Enter the Gmail e-mail address in the Return Email Address field.

  6. Enter in the SMTP Server (IP Address  or DNS Name) field.

  7. Enter 587 in the SMTP Server Port Number field.

  8. Select [SMTP AUTH (AUTO)] from the Send Authentication pull-down menu.

  9. Enter the full e-mail address for the Gmail account in the SMTP Login Name field.  The format should be the full e-mail address such as

  10. Enter the password for the Gmail account in the SMTP  Password field.

  11.  Re-enter the password for the Gmail account in the Re-enter SMTP Password field.

  12. Click on [Save Changes]

Setup the STARTTLS Server Communication

  1. Click on [Properties].

  2. Click on [Security], and then click on [SSL/TLS Server Communication].

  3. Select [STARTTLS (if Available)] from the SMTP – SSL/TLS Communication menu.

  4. Click on  [Save Changes].

Configure Domain Name System (DNS) Settings

  1. Click on the [Properties].

  2. Click on [Protocols].

  3. Click on [TCP/IP]. The TCP/IP window is displayed.

  4. Enter your DNS server address in DNS Server Address field.

    NOTE: If Scan to Email fails using your DNS Server, uncheck the box next to [Enable] for IPv4Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically or try using Google DNS Server of

  5. Click on [Save Changes].

  6. Test sending an email to your Gmail account.

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