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How To Configure the Paper Tray Settings to Match the Xerox Supported Media Loaded in the Tray

Article Id: BeSZc1WWH354BPgCj3OZf6 | Published: 09/19/2018

Product support for
  • VersaLink B7025_B7030_B7035 Family
  • VersaLink C7000_C7020_C7025_C7030 Family
  • VersaLink C7000
  • VersaLink C7020_C7025_C7030
  • VersaLink® B7000 Series

WARNING: Only use media supported by your specific Xerox printing device. Unsupported media can cause serious damage to the Xerox device.  For more information regarding supported media, please contact a Xerox supplies agent.

  1. Open the required paper tray.
  2. Close the tray. The Tray Information screen will be displayed on the Touch Screen.
  3. Check the tray settings:
    • If the tray information is correct, select the Confirm button on the Touch Screen to exit.
    • If the paper tray information is incorrect:

      1. Select the correct Size,Type and Color of the media loaded in the paper tray

        NOTE: It is important to configure the paper settings correctly, as misconfiguration can increase the likelihood of paper jams and premature parts failure. If unsure of the loaded media information, new reams of media will have a label on the side that provides this information.

      2. Select the Confirm button.

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