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Enable iBeacon for AirPrint Discovery

Product support for: AltaLink C8130 / C8135 / C8145 / C8155 / C8170 Color Multifunction Printer, AltaLink C81XX Family

Article Id: 4LmGEkPG9g2WfPMmGO8Am5 | Published: 06/15/2020

The iBeacon feature simplifies local AirPrint printer discovery, and removes the need for AirPrint clients to be on the same subnet as the printer.

The requirements for using the iBeacon feature are as follows:

  • The iBeacon Bluetooth adapter is installed on the printer.
  • iBeacon is enabled.
  • IPP is enabled.
  • A routable, non-link, local unicast IPv4 or IPv6 address is configured for the active network interface of the device. The active interface is Ethernet or wireless.

When the iBeacon feature is configured, the printer advertises basic printer discovery information that includes a routable IP address, using the Bluetooth Low Energy beacon. To allow client-printer communication, the AirPrint client needs to reach the printer using the IP address that the iBeacon is broadcasting. If the printer has multiple routable IP addresses, the system administrator can select the IP address for the iBeacon device to use.

: The printer can have the following IP address configurations:

  • An IPv4 address
  • An IPv4 and multiple IPv6 addresses
  • Multiple IPv6 addresses

Before you begin, install the iBeacon Bluetooth adapter into a USB port on the rear of the printer. 


  • Ensure that the USB port is enabled. For additional information, click on Configure, Modify or Verify USB Port Management.
  • When the iBeacon Bluetooth adapter is installed, a message appears for 7 seconds to indicate the status of iBeacon enablement.

To configure iBeacon:

  1. Login as Administrator at the Embedded Web Server (EWS). For additional information, click on Access and Login or Logout as System Administrator at the Control Panel or Embedded Web Server (EWS).
  2. In the Embedded Web Server, click PropertiesConnectivitySetup.
  3. In the Mobile Workflows area, for AirPrint, click Edit.
  4. On the AirPrint page, in the iBeacon Settings area, for iBeacon (Bluetooth)) for AirPrint Discovery, click Edit.
  5. On the iBeacon (Bluetooth) for AirPrint Discovery page, for iBeacon Enablement, click Enabled

    Note: iBeacon is enabled by default.

  6. For iBeacon IP Address, review or select the iBeacon IP address. If more than one routable IP address is available, select an address from the list. 

    • The Select IP address (routable) feature is disabled until the following conditions are met:
      • The iBeacon Bluetooth adapter is installed on the printer.
      • iBeacon is enabled.
      • At least one routable IP address is available.
    • By default, the printer determines the optimum routable IP address to use in the iBeacon. The optimum routable address is based on the configuration of the printer.
    • If more than one routable IP address is available for the active network interface, the system administrator can select an IP address for the iBeacon from the list of addresses, if required. The list of addresses can contain routable IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

  7. To save the settings, click Save

    Note: If a mobile Apple client is unable to discover the printer using iBeacon, verify that the client can reach the IP address that the iBeacon is broadcasting.

  8. Logout as Administrator at the EWS. 

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