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Xerox Scan to Cloud Email

Product support for: VersaLink C7000_C7020_C7025_C7030 Family, VersaLink C7000, VersaLink C7020_C7025_C7030

Article Id: 2146230 | Published: 09/17/2021

Add the Scan to Cloud Email App from the App Gallery. You will need an App Gallery account first. Go to > select Login  > Create Account. Enter the required information. There is no cost to open an App Gallery Account.

  1. Open App Gallery in the Printer Interface

    Note: If you encounter any issue with this process, refer to the App Gallery Update instructions below. The device will connect with the Xerox App Gallery Servers and will list all the available Apps.

  2. Scroll down to the Communication heading in the All Apps tab
  3. Click the Scan to Cloud Email app.
  4. Login with your Xerox App Gallery account.
  5. Click Agree to the license to install the app.
  6. On the Home Screen of the device 
  7. Click the Scan to Cloud Email Icon to use this feature.
  8. Select Add New.
  9. Select Add Recipient to Saved List then type your email address.
  10. Touch OK and then Send.

    Note: this address can be accessed under Saved Recipients. Features like 2-Sided Scanning and document size can be programmed before sending.

App Gallery Update
If the App Gallery icon doesn’t exist on this device or fails to connect with the server as above, you will need to update this App using the Embedded Web Server of the Xerox device. You will need to first delete the old App Gallery App.

  1. Login as admin go to Properties > Apps > Custom Apps > Weblet Management.
  2. Click Delete next to the App Gallery Weblet.
  3. Under a separate browser session, go to then login.
  4. Select All Apps then scroll down to Utilities and click the App Gallery icon.
  5. Click Install then Agree to the License Agreement.

    Note: Depending on your browser you may need to get the Xerox Device Connector extension.

  6. A list of your installed Xerox devices should appear. Add a check to the device you are adding the App
  7. Click Install.

If the Xerox device is not in this list

  1. Click Add Device then enter the IP address in the field
  2. Click Next.
  3. Enter admin as the Device Administrator User Name then the password.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Go to the instructions above to now install the App Gallery app to this newly installed device.

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