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Skewed or Crooked Prints

Product support for: Xerox C230 Color Printer, Xerox C230 Family

Article Id: 2138911 | Published: 07/07/2021

Note: Before solving the problem, print theQuality Test Pages.

  1. Remove the paper tray from the printer or from the affected option tray.
  2. Check the molded-in artwork on the tray side guides' surface to show the maximum stack height limit.
  3. Follow the stack height indicator when loading paper into the tray.
  4. Check if the paper loaded is supported. For details, refer toSupported Paper Sizes, Types and Weights.
  5. Load a new ream of paper from a fresh package and make sure to load the paper up to the tray's capacity which is 250 sheets for the primary/standard tray.
  6. Try the the print job again.

     The overhanging rib features towards the rear ends of the tray side guides should not be used as maximum capacity indicators as they are intended to prevent a full stack from shifting over the top of the tray.
  7. If the problem persists, contact Support for additional assistance.

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