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Connect the Printer to a Wireless (WiFi) Using WPS

Product support for: Xerox B210 Printer, Xerox B210 Printer Family

Article Id: 2125303 | Published: 01/12/2021

Note: Wi-fi Protected Setup (WPS) is the easiest way to setup the printer on a wireless network. However, not all wireless routers support WPS.

WPS is usually activated by a button on the outside of the router. Other routers require configuration of WPS inside the router interface (usually the router's web page). Consult the wireless router documentation for more information.

  1. The network cable must be unplugged from the printer to access Wireless settings on the Control Panel. If a network cable has been connected, remove it, then turn the power switch off and back on. The power switch located on the left  side of the printer, toward the front. For details, refer to Power the Printer Off and On.
  2. Push and hold the WPS button for 2 seconds.
  3. Wait 2-3 minutes until the blue WPS light stops flashing.
  4. Wait approximately 1 minute for the printer to obtain a valid IP address.
  5. Print a Configuration Report to verify the printer obtained a valid IP address. For details, refer to Print a Configuration Report.
    1. Press and hold the red Stop button for 2-4 seconds to print the configuration report.
    2. Find the IP Address under Network Setup / TCP/IP Settings on the report.
    3. Type the IP address into your Web browser.  If it connects to the printer’s CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS) page, the IP address is valid.

      NOTE: Some routers have a WPS button. If the above process fails, you may also need to push the WPS button on your router for the printer to obtain the IP address.  Refer to your router’s instructions.

      NOTE: Leave the network cable disconnected to continue to use the printer on the wireless network.

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