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Can Not Copy

Product support for: AltaLink C8130 / C8135 / C8145 / C8155 / C8170 Color Multifunction Printer, AltaLink C81XX Family

Article Id: 2124472 | Published: 05/20/2020

Step 1: Perform a software reset or power the device off then on, as required

For additional information, click on Perform a Software Reset or a Power Off and On of the Printer, as Required.

Step 2:  Check for the most recent active message or fault code and restart your search

NOTE: To search on a fault code / status code, enter one code at a time exactly as it is displayed.

NOTE: Fault codes / Status codes are displayed on the Control Panel Touch Screen or the Embedded Web Server in one of the the following formats:

  • Embedded Web Server: a 2-digit number followed by a 3-digit number and then a 2-digit number. For example:


  • At the Machine [Fault History]: a 3-digit number followed by a 3 digit number and then a 2 digit number. For example:

To display fault codes / status codes on the Touch Screen:

  1. At the printer control panel, press the Home button.
  2. Touch Device > Notifications. Current alerts will be displayed.
  3. Touch X to exit.

To display fault codes / status codes using the Embedded Web Server:

  1. Open a web browser and enter the IP Address of the printer in the Address field then press Enter on the keyboard. The Embedded Web Server will be displayed.
  2. Click the Home tab.
  3. Scroll to the Notifications section. A message and the status code will be displayed.

 Step 3: Try the operation again.  If the operation continues to fail, additional assistance is required, contact Support. 


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