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View the Meter Reading and Usage Counters or Change the Billing Impression Mode

Product support for: AltaLink B81XX, AltaLink B81XX Family

Article Id: 2119400.html | Published: 02/13/2020

Viewing the Meter Reading

The Billing/Usage menu displays the total number of impressions that the printer generated or printed during its lifetime. You cannot reset the counters. A page is counted as one side of a sheet of paper. For example, a sheet of paper that is printed on two sides counts as two impressions.

Note: If you provide regular billing information for your device, you can use the Remote Services Upload feature to simplify the process. You can enable Remote Services to send billing meter readings to Xerox automatically so that you do not have to collect the readings manually. For details, refer to Configure Remote Services and Policies and Schedule.

To view the meter reading and usage information for your printer:

  1. At the printer control panel, press the Home button.
  2. Touch Device→Billing/Usage. The impression counts are displayed:
    • Black Impressions: Total number of pages printed with no color specified.
    • Color Impressions: Total number of pages printed that specify color.
    • Total Impressions: Total number of color impressions and black impressions.
  3. To view more details, touch Usage Counters, then select an option.
    • Impression Counters: This option provides the number of impressions made by the printer. The number of impressions cannot equal the number of sheets counted, depending on the printer setup. If your printer is set up to count large sheets as large impressions or as multiple
      smaller impressions, the number of impressions can differ.
    • Sheet Counters: This option provides the number of impressions made by the printer. Impressions for 2-Sided sheets are identified as a separate line from1-Sided sheets.
    • Images Sent Counters: This option provides the number of images sent using the Fax, Email, or Scan features.
    • Fax Impressions Counters: This option provides the number of images sent using the Fax features. Each fax feature is identified on a separate line.
    • All Usage Counters: This option provides all printer usage information.
  4. After viewing the usage readings, to return to the Home screen, press the Home button. 

Note: To print the Billing Summary Report, refer to Print an Information Page.

Billing Impression Mode

The Billing Impression Mode defines how the printer tracks impressions made on large-size paper, such as A3 or tabloid size paper.
There are two modes.

  • A3 Impressions counts all impressions equally.
  • A4 Impressions counts large impressions (A3/Tabloid) as the A4/Letter equivalent.

A Xerox representative sets the Billing Impression Mode for your device.

To change the Billing Impression Mode:

  1. In the Embedded Web Server, click Properties→General Setup.
  2. Click Billing Impression Mode.

    Note: A personal identification number (PIN) is required to change the billing impression mode. To obtain a PIN, contact your Xerox representative and provide the sequence and serial number information that appears on the Billing Impression Mode page.

  3. For PIN, type the number that you obtained from your Xerox representative.
  4. Click Apply.

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