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Scanning Overview

Product support for: PrimeLink C9065 C9070 Family, PrimeLink C9065 / C9070

Article Id: 2110207 | Published: 10/01/2019

Scanning Overview

Note: Scanning must be enabled before use.

Scanning is an optional printer feature providing several methods for scanning and storing an original document. The scanning procedure used with the printer differs from that of desktop scanners. Because the printer is normally connected to a network rather than directly to a single computer, you select a destination for the scanned image at the printer.

The scanning feature allows you to scan a document and store the image to any of the following destinations:

  • Folder on the printer's hard drive
  • Document repository on a network server
  • Email address
  • Windows computer
  • Home directory
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Computer using the Network Scan Utility
  • Application using TWAIN or WIA
Note: Print, copy, and fax jobs can print while you are scanning original documents or downloading files from the printer's hard drive.
Note: The printer must be connected to a network to retrieve a scan file.

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