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Set the Date and Time

Product support for: PrimeLink C9065 C9070 Family, PrimeLink C9065 / C9070

Article Id: 2110150 | Published: 10/01/2019

When you first set up the device, you are prompted to set the date and time. To change the date and time after the initial setup, use the control panel. You can also use date and time settings to enable Network Time Protocol (NTP) synchronization and to set other timing functions for the device.

To change date and time settings:

  1. At the device control panel, log in as Administrator, press the Machine Status button, then touch the Tools tab. For details, refer to Access the Control Panel or Embedded Web Services (EWS).
  2. Touch System Settings > Common Service Settings > Device Clock / Timers.
  3. Touch a setting, then touch Change Settings:
    • Date: Select a Date Format and set the date.
    • Time: Select a 12-hour or 24-hour time format and set the current time.
    • NTP Time Synchronization: If you have a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, you can set the device clock to synchronize with your NTP server. To use NTP Time Synchronization, touch On.
    • Connection Interval: Specify the frequency with which the device connects to the NTP server.
    • Time Server Address: Specify the NTP server address.
    • Auto Clear: To enable Auto Clear, touch On. Specify the amount of inactive time before the control panel resets to the default screen.
    • Auto Job Release: To enable Auto Job Release, touch On. Specify the time elapsed until the device cancels an active job with an error and starts the next print job.
    • Auto Print: To enable Auto Print, touch On. Set the time period the device waits before executing the next print job after you operate the control panel.
    • Printer Lockout: Set the device to disable printing during a set time period or set the device to disable printing temporarily.
    • Time Zone: Set your local time difference from GMT.
    • Daylight Savings: Set the daylight saving time, as needed. During daylight saving time, the device automatically increments the clock forward by one hour.

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