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Scan to Network (SMB Folder or FTP Server)

Product support for: Xerox B215 Multifunction Printer, Xerox B215 Multifunction Printer Family

Article Id: 2109075 | Published: 04/15/2020

Use this option to scan an image and send it to shared folder on an SMB server, or an FTP server. The destination pathway must be added as a Scan To Destination for a contact in the Address Book.

Make sure the shared folder or FTP location is configured and the settings included in the Address Book contact.

Before you begin:

Before you begin the scan process, ensure that your printer has been set up for the Scan to Network function at install. For details, refer to Configure Scan to Network Settings Using CentreWare Internet Services.

Scanning to a Shared SMB Folder or an FTP Server

  1. At the printer control panel, press the Home button.
  2. Load your original documents:
    • Use the document glass for single pages or paper that cannot be fed using the automatic document feeder. Lift the document feeder, then place the original document face down in the upper-left corner of the document glass.
    • For single or multiple pages, use the automatic document feeder. Remove any staples and paper clips from the pages. Insert the original documents face up in the document feeder, with the top of the page entering the feeder first. Adjust the paper guides so that they fit against the original documents.
  3. Touch Scan to Network.
    A list of address book contacts setup with Scan To Destinations appears.
  4. To select a contact from the list, touch Contact required. To add more contacts, touch + Add, then select a contact from the Address Book.
  5. Adjust the scan settings as needed:
    • To save the scanned document with a specific file name, touch the attachment file name paper clip icon, enter a new name using the touch screen keypad, then touch Confirm (checkmark).
    • To save the scanned document with a specific file format, touch the attachment file format, then select the required format.
    • Configure all other scan features, such as Output Color or Original Type, as needed.

      Note: Use the scroll function to access all feature screens.

  6. Touch Scan.
    The device begins scanning the original.
  7. If scanning from the document glass, to scan another page touch Yes. Load an original and touch Scan. Otherwise, touch No.
  8. The images are scanned and sent to the destination selected in the job.
  9. To return to the home screen, press the Home button.

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