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Connect the Printer to a Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Using the Xerox Easy Wireless Setup Program

Product support for: Xerox B210 Printer, Xerox B210 Printer Family

Article Id: 2108711 | Published: 05/24/2021

Perform the following steps to use a wireless setup utility to connect the printer to a wireless network. The utility will walk you through the process to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi network from your computer. The utilities can be downloaded from the product’s drivers and downloads pages. The utilities can be downloaded from the product’s drivers and downloads pages on 



To Connect the Printer to a Wireless Network using Xerox Easy Wireless Setup (for Windows PC and Mac 10.15 or higher)

Before you begin: 

For Windows: 

  1. Make sure you have installed the utility pack for Windows.  This package contains the wireless setup utility along with the print and scan drivers and Easy Printer Manager. The file is available on the product support webpage, or on the CD that was shipped with the printer.
  2. Run the setup.exe.
  3. Click on Software
  4. Read and accept the license agreement
  5. Click on Select Software in the menu
  6. Check the box for Easy Wireless Setup
  7. Click Next to install the Easy Wireless Setup utility

For Mac 10.15 or higher: 

  1. Download the WiFi Setting Utility for Mac 10.15 and Higher.  Note: this is a standalone file that is not included in the print driver dmg.  To locate it on the product’s driver and downloads page, filter for Utilities and Applications.
  2. Install the program to your computer

Note:  The below pictures are applicable to the Windows setup utility. Steps may differ slightly for Mac. 

    1. Open the Xerox Easy Wireless Setup program. At the computer, search for and select Xerox Easy Wireless Setup to open the program.  The Connecting the Device screen will be displayed.

      Open the Xerox Easy Wireless Setup program

      NOTE: If the program has not been installed, install the printer software from the CD that shipped with the printer using the "Connecting to a Local Printer" method. The software can also be downloaded from the Xerox Drivers and Downloads page.

    2. Temporarily connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable.
    3. After the USB cable has been connected, select Next.  The program will start to search for WLAN data.

      Connect the USB cable, then select Next

    4. When the search is complete, the Select Wireless Network window displays. Select your network from the list.

      NOTE:  If the network is not found, make sure the router is not set to the 5GHz wireless frequency.  The router must be set to the 2.4GHz frequency as the printer does not support 5GHz.  Contact your router manufacturer for additional information on how to configure the wireless frequency setting.

    5. Follow the wizard instruction to install the printer. The Wireless Network Security screen displays.
    6. Enter your Network Password and select Next.
    7. When the Wireless Network Setup Complete page displays, select Finish.


To Connect the Printer to a Wireless Network using Easy Printer Manager on Mac 10.14 or lower

Note: The Wireless Setup Utility is embedded in the Easy Printer Manager.

Before you begin: 

  1. Download the Xerox B210 MacOS Utilities Print Driver file from the product’s drivers and download page on  The file contains the Easy Printer Manager.
  2. Install the Easy Printer Manager application “_Printer Manager”
  3. Make sure your printer is connected with a USB cable to your computer

 Add the printer to the WiFi Network using Easy Printer Manager

  1. Open Easy Printer Manager
  2. From your Printer List, select your printer
  3. At the home screen, select Machine Settings
  4. Select Network Settings
  5. Under General, ensure Network Connectivity is set to Wireless
  6. Under WiFI Settings, select Wizard
  7. Follow the Wizard instructions to install your printer on WiFi

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