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How To Set Up Scanning to a Shared Windows Folder Using SMB

Product support for: VersaLink B605 / B615 Family, VersaLink C505 / C605 Family, VersaLink B405, VersaLink B605 / B615, VersaLink C405, VersaLink C505, VersaLink C605

Article Id: 2103802 | Published: 02/04/2019

You can use the Scan To App to scan to a folder on your Windows PC using the Address Book. Before you begin:

To configure scanning to a folder on your desktop using the Address Book:

  1. In the Embedded Web Server, click Address Book > Add Contact.
  2. Type the first name and last name of the new contact.
  3. If necessary, type the company name of the new contact.
  4. For Network (SMB), click the Plus icon (+), then enter the following information:
    • Nickname: Enter the name that you want to appear in the Address Book.
    • Type: Select the network connection type.

      Note: It is recommended that you select Host Name as the connection type. If the IP address changes, a connection to the server is maintained typically through the host name. 

    • IP Address/Host Name: Port: Based on the network type selected, in the first field, enter the IP address or host name of your PC. In the second field, enter the default port number.
  5. In the Share field, enter the name of the shared folder to use as the repository for your scanned images.
  6. In the Login Name field, enter your PC user name.
  7. In the Password field, type your PC password, then retype the password.

    Note: The user name and password required in steps 6 and 7 are the same credentials that are used to log in to the PC where the designated shared folder resides.

  8. To save the SMB information, click OK.
  9. To add the contact to the Address Book and close the Add Contact window, click OK.

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