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Check Primarynet Message; Unable to Use Remote Services and Other Services Over Wi-Fi

Product support for: Phaser 6510, Phaser 6510 Family

Article Id: 2096079 | Published: 10/09/2019

This device offers two network connections, a wired Ethernet connection and an optional Wi-Fi connection (using an optional Wi-Fi adapter purchased separately).

From the factory, the Ethernet connection is considered the Primary network connection ('Primarynet') and the Wi-Fi adapter is considered the Secondary network connection.

Several services including Xerox Remote Services are only available through the Primary network and will not work until the Primary network is set to Wi-Fi.

Note: Other services not available over the Secondary network connection include:

  • IPsec
  • EIP Web Service
  • ThinPrint .print
  • UPnP Discovery
  • LDAP
  • Scan to FTP, SMB, Email
  • WSD Scan
  • SNTP

If the device is only connected to the network through the Wi-Fi module, it is recommended to switch the Wi-Fi network to the Primary network.

To Set the Primary Network to Wi-Fi Using the Embedded Web Server

  1. Connect the device to a Wired network and determine the IP address of the device.

    Note: The IP address can be found on the Configuration Report.

  2. Access the Embedded Web Server and log in as an Administrator:
    1. From a computer on the same network as the printer, open an Internet browser window.
    2. Enter the IP address of the printer in the Address field, and then press Enter or Return. The Embedded Web Server home page will be displayed.

      Embedded Web Server Home Page

    3. Click on the Log In button at the top, right of the page.

      Click on the Log In button

    4. The User Accounts window will be displayed. Click on admin.

      Click on Admin

    5. Enter the System Administrator password in the field provided, and then click on Log In.

      Note: Depending on when the device was manufactured or the software version installed, the default password may be the device serial number or 1111.

      Enter the System Administrator password

  3. Click on Connectivity.
  4. Click on Ethernet.

    Click on Connectivity , then click on Ethernet

  5. Click on the Edit button in the Common section.

    Click on the Edit button in the Common section

  6. Click on Primary Network, then select Wi-Fi from the pop-up menu.

    Select Primary Network, then select Wi-Fi

  7. Click on OK.
  8. Click on Restart Now when prompted to restart the device to save the changes.

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