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Check to See if your Gmail Account is Flagged For Security Reasons

Product support for: VersaLink C400_C405 Family, VersaLink B405, VersaLink C405

Article Id: 2094359.html | Published: 08/24/2018

If the client is utilizing Gmail for their SMTP/Scan to Email Service, the Fault Code 027-773 may be indicative that the email account being used has been flagged for security reasons. To verify, check the following things within the Gmail Account:

  • Check to confirm if Less Secure Apps is still enabled;
    • Sign into the Gmail account and navigate to the Google Account Settings/ Sign-In and Security and scroll to the bottom of the page under the header “Apps with account access”, ensure the option “Allow Less Secure Apps” is turned on.
  • Check to see if the Gmail Account has any Security Alerts;
    • When signing into the inbox of the Gmail Account, if there are either emails received from Google stating that the account was signed into a different device, or a warning seen at the top of the page stating “Google prevented a suspicious attempt to sign in to your account using your password”, that would indicate that the account has been flagged by Gmail for security concerns.
    • To investigate, access the Google Account Settings/ Sign-In and Security, navigate to the section “Device Activity & Security Events”, and open the Recently Used Devices (select Review Devices). This screen will show all recent sign in attempts made by that email account over the past 28 days. If an event is flagged in orange that the account was accessed by an “Unknown Device”, and shows the time of the occurrence at the same time as when you are scanning to email, this would indicate that the device was flagged for Security.
    • To correct this, if this section asks you if you recognize this activity, select “Yes, That Was Me”. This will un-flag the account in a few moments. Once done, test scan to email from the device to see if issues persist.

NOTE: While these instructions are made for Gmail in mind, these may be applicable to other SMTP Servers as well (e.g.: GMX). If possible, check to ensure if they can sign into the email account being used by the device for scan to email and see if there are any notifications or warning regarding security.

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