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Fault Code 018-755: Server Connection Using SMB Message

Product support for: VersaLink C400_C405 Family, VersaLink B405, VersaLink C405

Article Id: 2094353.html | Published: 05/30/2019

  1. Check SMB settings in Address Book.
  2. If the password option is missing in the SMB settings, enable HTTPS or HTTP - SSL/TLS.
  3. Check the PC/Server for for the correct IP address.
    1. Go to the Command Prompt on your PC.
    2. Select the Search icon.
    3. Type cmd and press the Enter key.
    4. Type ipconfig and press the Enter key. You will see Preferred IPv4 address, this is the IP address for your PC.
  4. Check the anti-virus software/firewall to ensure it is not blocking the scans. You may have to contact your System Administrator or the AntiVirus Software vendor for assistance.
  5. Make sure there is no login issues with the user credentials, login/password.
  6. Make sure the folder is shared so a file can be saved into the folder.
    1. Log into the SMB PC/Server from another PC using the same user name and check if a file can be written into the folder.
    2. Open the folder you want to scan into by double clicking on that folder.
    3. Save a file into that folder or drag a file into that folder.    
    4. Right-click on the SMB share folder.
    5. Click on Properties.
    6. Click on the Sharing tab.
    7. Click on the Advanced Sharing button.
    8. Click on the Permissions button.
    9. Under the Group or User Name section, make sure that the Everyone account is found. Make sure that the group or user is listed that and that Full Control is selected under the Allow column.
    10. If changes were made, click on Apply and then OK in the Permissions window and then click on Apply and then OK.
    11. Above Advanced Sharing, select Share (This may be greyed out, if so just select OK), select Done, then select Close.
  7. Check the port setting, use port 445 instead of port 139.
    1. Access the printer's Embedded Web Server (Web Interface) and login as System Administrator, if needed.
    2. In the Embedded Web Server, click Address Book.
    3. From the Address Book, select Contact.
    4. Scroll down to the Network SMB. You will see the IP Address of the Server/PC or the Hostname.
    5. Click on the Address/Hostname. You will see the Port number to the right.
    6. Select the box and type in 445 for the port number.
    7. Select Ok to save changes.

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