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Fault Code 018-759: SMB Scan Image Storage Location or File Name Error

Product support for: WorkCentre 6515 Family, WorkCentre 6515

Article Id: 2066380 | Published: 12/12/2019

Make sure the storage location is correct. If necessary, check the file name and path.

To ensure proper function of SMB Scanning on the device, make sure of the following:

  • Make sure the directory exists on the server. If necessary, contact your System or Network Administrator for assistance.
  • Make sure the file repository settings have been configured properly.  

Check if the specified file name is one that can be created on the SMB Server. If necessary, check the SMB filing naming requirements.

Check whether the storage destination or file name of the scan image that is set at the main unit does not contain restricted characters. To ensure proper function of the Scanning feature on the device, make sure that no special characters are used in the scanned file name that are unsupported.

If necessary, contact your system administrator for additional support.

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