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Perform Network Diagnostics

Article Id: 1699314 | Published: 11/01/2016

Product support for
  • Phaser™ 8560
  • Phaser™ 8860
  • ColorQube™ 8570
  • ColorQube™ 8580
  • ColorQube™ 8870
  • ColorQube™ 8880

Network Diagnostics is intended to be used to provide an automated method to check the network configuration of the printer. When Network Diagnostics is used, it will be able to provide an error indicator with a suggested resolution.

The printer has the ability to diagnose the following network items:

  • Network interface driver status, including checking if the speed / mode of the interface has been configured correctly and if possible error conditions have been identified by the driver.
  • Compare the NVRAM IP configuration parameters with the actual IP configuration settings of the network interface.
  • Determine if the default gateway is set properly for the IP network ID, and that the gateway responds and the default route is in the routing table.
  • Determine if the DNS Name Servers respond and a DNS hostname or IP address question can be replied to by one of the servers.
  • Determine if the WINS Name Servers respond.
  • Determine if the SMTP Server responds.

To perform Network Diagnostics:

  1. Press the [Up] or [Down] arrow button on the Control Panel to select [Troubleshooting] on the Display Screen, and then press the [OK] button.
  2. Press the [Up] or [Down] arrow button to select [Network Problems], and then press the [OK] button.
  3. Press the [OK] button to perform the Network Diagnostics Test. A 'Running Network Diagnostics - Please wait' message will be displayed.

    NOTE: If no errors are found, the printer will display a 'Network diagnostics complete - No errors detected' message. If an error is found, the printer will display a 'Network Problem Detected' message, and an error code; for example, 'Link Down (ND2).'

  4. If an error is detected, press the white [Help] button for information on how to resolve the problem. Press the [Down] arrow button to view additional information, if available. If the problem cannot be resolved, contact support for additional assistance.

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