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Set Fax Defaults Using CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS)

Article Id: 1489929 | Published: 04/25/2016

Product support for
  • WorkCentre 3025
  • WorkCentre® 3215
  • WorkCentre® 3225
  1. At your workstation, open the web browser and enter the IP Address of the machine in the Address Bar.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. If prompted, enter the Administrator User Name (admin) and Password (1111), and select Login. Select Properties.
  5. In the Machine Settings link select the Fax link.
  6. Select the General link.
  7. In the Machine ID & Fax Number area:
    1. Enter an ID in the Machine ID field.
    2. Enter the fax number in the Fax Number field.
  8. In the Change Default area:
    1. From the Resolution drop-down menu select one of the available options.
    2. From the Lighten/Darken drop-down menu select one of the available options.
    3. Select the required option for Original Size.
  9. In the Sending area:
    1. From the Redial Term drop-down menu select the minutes for the term of each redial.
    2. From the Redial Times drop-down menu select the amount of times you want the machine to re-dial.
    3. If your telephone system requires you to enter a prefix in front of fax numbers, select Enable and enter prefix dial details in the Prefix Dial field.
    4. Check the ECM Mode check box to enable Error Correction Mode.
    5. From the Fax Confirmation drop-down menu select one of the send report options.
      • Off
      • On - prints a report when a fax has been sent.
      • On-Error - prints a report when an error occurs.
  10. In the Receiving area:
    1. From the Receive Mode drop-down menu select the required option for the line:
      • Tel - receives a fax by picking up the handset.
      • Fax - answers an incoming fax call and immediately goes into the fax reception mode.
      • Ans/Fax - select when an answering machine is attached to the machine.
    2. From the Ring to Answer drop-down menu select the number of times the machine should ring before answering.
    3. Check the Stamp Receive Name check box to enable the machine to print a page number and the date and time of receipt on the bottom of each page of a received fax.
    4. Check the Receive Start Code check box to initiate fax reception from an extension phone plugged into the socket on the back of the machine. Select the required start code from the menu (the default is 9).
    5. From the Secure Receive drop-down menu, select one of the following options to allow the machine to hold received faxes in the job queue as Secure Receive fax jobs. The held faxes will remain in the queue and will only be released from the queue when the user enters the release password.
      • Off
      • On - this option requires you to enter a Secure Receive passcode and select Apply.
      • Print fax in secure receive mode - this option is only available when On is selected from the Secure Receive menu. Select the Print button and enter the Secure Receive passcode. Select Apply.
    6. Check the Auto Reduction check box to automatically reduce large documents received to fit on the fax paper size of your machine.
    7. In the Discard Size field, enter details of the fax size that can be discarded.

      NOTE: Discard Size is not available with Auto Reduction.

    8. From the 2-Sided drop-down menu select one of the following options for printing on both sides of the page:
      • Off
      • Long Edge - prints on both sides along the long edges of the page.
      • Short Edge - prints on both sides along the short edges of the page.
  11. Select Apply to save the changes.
  12. Select OK when the acknowledgment message displays.

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