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Print a Configuration Report

Article Id: 1489853.html | Published: 09/28/2018

Product support for
  • Phaser 3052
  • Phaser® 3260
  • 3052_3260 Family

The Configuration Report lists printer information such as default settings, network settings including IP address, and font settings. Use the information on the Configuration Report page to help you configure network settings for your printer, and to view page counts and system settings.

To Print the Configuration Report

1. At the printer Control Panel, press the Cancel (red) button for approximately 4 seconds.
2. Release the Cancel (red) button when the green indicator light starts flashing on the Control Panel.

Note: IPv4 and IPv6 address information is located in the Network Setup section of the Configuration Report under TCP/IP Settings.

Important: Holding the Cancel (red) button longer than 4 seconds will produce both a Usage Counter and Supplies Information page instead of the Configuration Report.

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