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SMB Workflow Scanning Fails With Invalid Path Specified Message

Article Id: 1337830.html | Published: 04/06/2021

Product support for
  • WC780X Family
  • WC7970 Family
  • WorkCentre® 7800 Series
  • WorkCentre® 7800i Series
  • WorkCentre™ 7970
  • WorkCentre® 7970i

NOTE: An 'Invalid Path Specified' error occurs when the path specified in the SMB repository settings doesn't match the path to the server.

A UNC Path is used when scanning to SMB

An Example of a 'Uniform Naming Convention' or UNC Path for an SMB share on a Windows server machine is:
Where SERVER is the file server name, SHARE is the name of the actual SHARED Folder, and FOLDER is the folder structure within the share where scanned files will reside.

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