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Make Sure the Correct Ink Stick is Being Inserted

Article Id: 1267962 | Published: 02/03/2017

Product support for
  • ColorQube™ 8700
  • ColorQube™ 8900

Several variations of ColorQube ink sticks are available for the 8700/8900 depending on where the product is sold and the applicable billing plan.

CQ8700 Ink

To identify the type of ink stick being used, refer to the SKU notches on the bottom of the ink stick.

Ink sticks

Ink sticks

NOTE: The printer will accept whole ink sticks only; partially used ink sticks or sticks with missing pieces will be rejected by the printer as an incorrect type of ink stick.

Make sure that the SKU on the ink stick in question is compatible with the printer, based on the chart below.

CQ8700 Ink Stick SKUs
Ink RegionABCD
Factory (Starter)X  X
North AmericaX X 
Metered (PagePack)XX X


CQ8900 Ink Stick SKUs
Ink RegionEFGHK
North AmericaXXXX 
EuropeXX X 
Metered (PagePack)XXX X

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