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Install the Print Driver, on Microsoft Windows 7, Using the (.exe) or (.zip) Driver File With a USB Connection to the Printer

Article Id: 1244368 | Published: 04/24/2020

Product support for
  • WC7120_WC53XX Family
  • WorkCentre® 5300 Series
  • WorkCentre™ 7120/7125

Note: Power on the computer and the printer with the USB Cable connected to see if Windows 7 will already have a driver loaded for the printer.

  1. Depending on the type of file that was downloaded (.exe or .zip), perform one of the following options:

    • For .exe files: Double-click on the (.exe) file to open the file and run it.  Make a note of where the files will be extracted to or choose a different location on the computer.

    • For .zip files: Right-click on the file and select [Extract All].  Select a location for the files to be extracted to, make a note of the location, and then click on [Extract].

  2. Open the Control Panel. (Click on the [Start] button, and then click on [Control Panel].)
  3. Depending on the View By option, perform one of the following options:
    • Click on [View Devices and Printers] under the Hardware and Sound category.
    • Double-click on [Devices and Printers] (if viewing by icons).
    • Click on [Add a Printer] at the top of the window.
    • Click on [Add a Local Printer].
  4. Select the USB port that the printer is plugged into (for example, USB001, USB002).
  5. Click on [Next].
  6. Click on the [Have Disk] button. The Install From Disk window will be displayed.
  7. Click on the [Browse] button, and then browse to the location of the folder where the driver files are located. One file will be listed in this folder. Select the File, and then click on the [Open] button to return to the Install From Disk window.
  8. Click on the [OK] button. The Install the Printer Driver window will be displayed.
  9. Click on the appropriate printer model, and then click on [Next].
  10. Confirm the name of the printer, and then click on [Next].
  11. Click on [Finish].

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