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General Information About SMart eSolutions (Meter Assistant, Supplies Assistant, and Maintenance Assistant)

Article Id: x_4600_en-O2492 | Published: 11/01/2016

Product support for
  • Phaser™ 4600/4620
  • Phaser® 4622

SMart eSolutions provides the ability to automatically send data to Xerox to be used for billing, supplies tracking and replenishment, and for troubleshooting problems.

SMart eSolutions:

  • Meter Assistant - automatically submits meter readings to Xerox from networked machines. This ends the need to collect and report meter read information manually.
  • Supplies Assistant - manages Toner (Dry Ink) and Drum Cartridge supplies for network equipment, and also monitors actual usage.
  • Maintenance Assistant - monitors the printer and reports diagnostic information to Xerox through your network. You can also use the Maintenance Assistant to conduct an online troubleshooting session with Xerox and to download information about your printer performance.

Meter Assistant:

Meter Assistant provides detailed information, including dates, times, and counts of impressions sent in the last billing meter transmission. The meter data is recorded in the Xerox Service Management System. It is used for the invoicing of metered service agreements, and also for evaluating consumable usage against printer performance.

Email notifications can be set up to alert you of the following changes:

  • Billing meter reads reported - an alert is generated when billing meter readings have taken place. The printer can be set to automatically offer meter readings when requested by the Xerox Communication Server.
  • Smart eSolutions enrollment is canceled - an alert is generated when the state is changed from "Enrolled" to "Not Enrolled".
  • Smart eSolutions communication error has occurred - an alert is generated when there is a communication error.

Supplies Assistant:

The Supplies Assistant enables you to proactively manage Toner and Drum Cartridge supplies for the printer, making sure that you never run out. It monitors supplies usage and automatically orders supplies based on actual usage. The most recent supplies usage information sent to Xerox can also be viewed. Press the [Refresh] button to display the latest information.

Maintenance Assistant:

Maintenance Assistant monitors your printer and notifies Xerox support services of potential issues. It automates the notification, troubleshooting and repair process, minimizing printer downtime.

  • If a problem occurs, you can use the Send Diagnostics Information to Xerox... option to immediately send information to Xerox which will assist with troubleshooting.
  • Press the [Start an Online Troubleshooting session at] button to access the Xerox website for immediate advice on resolving printer problems.
  • Press the [Download File to Your Computer...] button to save or view a CSV file containing detailed information about printer usage and any problems which have occurred on your printer.
  • Press the [Refresh] button to view the latest status information.

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