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Login as an Administrator, Operator, or Guest After Opening the EFI Fiery Command WorkStation (CWS) Application

Article Id: x_xc560_en-O7083 | Published: 01/19/2021

Product support for
  • Xerox® Color 550/560/570
  • Xerox® Colour C60/C70
  • Xerox Color EC70 Printer

NOTE: The steps below assume that the EFI Fiery Command WorkStation application is running and that the user is ready to login using a specific access level.

  1. Click on the [Key] icon next to the server name. The Login (Server) window for the selected server, and three colored key icons, will be displayed.
  2. Click on the [Key] icon that represents the access level required for this login.

    Key colorAccess LevelPrivileges
    PurpleAdministratorOperator and Administrator rights to modify the setup of the Fiery Server.
    OrangeOperatorTypical job management rights.
    CyanGuestView only; no rights to perform any tasks.

    NOTE: The Password field is available. There is a default Administrator password for the Fiery Server on an EFI Color Server With a Fiery Advanced Controller Interface (FACI) Kit. If the password has been modified, contact a Network or System Administrator for assistance.

    One of the key icons may look different than the other two keys; this is the key that represents the access level for the last login.

    IMPORTANT: The Fiery documentation may mention “Fiery.1” as the default password. Do not use this password when you log on to the Fiery server for the first time. Instead, print a Fiery Server Configuration page and look for ID in the BIOS Setup section (listed under RIP).  For a stand-alone Fiery server, the default password is listed in the ID field. For the integrated Fiery server, the default password is the first 14 alphanumeric characters listed in the ID field. 

    Note: If you reinstall the Fiery system software or restore factory default settings, the administrator password will be replaced by “Fiery.1”.  Use “Fiery.1” to log on to the Fiery server and then change the password to prevent unauthorized usage.

  3. Click on the [Log In] button. The Command WorkStation window will be displayed. This is the main job management window for the server you are logged into.

    NOTE: More than one connection to a server can be maintained at one time. To login to an additional server, click on [Server], and then select [Log in / Log out]. The Login Server window will be displayed. Follow steps 1 - 3 for each server to be logged into.


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