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Configure Smart eSolutions (Automatic Meter Reads, Automatic Supplies Replenishment)

Product support for: Xerox Instant Print Kiosk Family, Xerox Instant Print Kiosk

Article Id: 2106004 | Published: 04/17/2019

SMart eSolutions enrollment is required for kiosk upgrades. SMart eSolutions is a suite of features that simplifies kiosk ownership and administration. It provides free services to enable administration of metered billing and supplies replenishment plans for kiosks on a network.

Before you can use SMart eSolutions, the kiosk must be registered for SMart eSolutions. This registration is done automatically.

Before You Begin:

Configure SMart eSolutions:

By default, the kiosk is enrolled in SMart eSolutions and Remote Software Download is enabled. If you have changed either of these settings, you must set them again.

IMPORTANT: You must know the login information in order to perform this procedure. If necessary, contact your System Administrator for additional assistance.

  1. Login to the kiosk User Interface (UI) as Administrator.
  2. Login to configuration settings as Administrator in Xerox CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS). 
  3. Select the Properties tab.
  4. Touch General Setup.
  5. Touch SMart eSolutions Setup.
  6. For Enrollment, select Enrolled.
  7. For Remote Software Download, select Enabled.
  8. For Daily Transmission Time, type the time of day that you want the kiosk to perform its daily communication with Xerox.
  9. Touch Apply.
  10. If your network uses an HTTP proxy server, provide information about your proxy server on the HTTP Proxy Server page. For HTTP Proxy Server, touch Configure.
    1. On the Proxy Server page, for HTTP Proxy Server, select Enabled.
    2. Select the Proxy Server address type. Options are IPv4Address or Host Name.
    3. Type the appropriately formatted address or host name of your server and change the default port number as needed.
    4. Click Save.
  11. To verify communication with the Xerox server, on the SMart eSolutions Setup page, touch Test Communication Now. For Communication Setup, a status message appears indicating if your kiosk is able to communicate with Xerox.
  12. Logout of configuration settings as Administrator in Xerox CentreWare Interenet Services (CWIS). 
  13. Logout of the kiosk User Interface (UI) as Administrator. 

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