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NPS/IPS Submitting Your Jobs from UNIX or DOS - Quick Reference Card - v8


Refer to this card for quick reference when using the print job submission utility to publish documents on the Xerox DocuPrint NPS/IPS. This reference card supplements the Xerox DocuPrint NPS/IPS Guide to Submitting Jobs from the Client and should not be considered a replacement for other Xerox DocuPrint NPS/IPS documentation.

Supported languages

  • English (N. America)

Supported products

  • DocuPrint 4635
  • DocuPrint 96
  • DocuPrint 4090
  • DocuPrint 4050
  • DocuPrint 180 (4180)
  • DocuPrint 4850
  • DocuPrint 4890
  • DocuPrint 96 MX
  • DocuPrint 180MX
  • DocuPrint 92C
  • DocuColor 2060

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