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How To Configure Alert Notifications and Status Codes

Product support for: B1022_B1025 MFP, B1022_B1025 MFP Family

Article Id: epPtv78Gi79Dij2XmLmZ38 | Published: 06/28/2018

There are several ways to set the printer to send out notifications when alerts occur. Possible alert types include low supply status, paper supply status, and paper jams.

To configure email alerts:

  1. Access Xerox® CentreWare® Internet Services.
  2. Click Properties > General Setup.
  3. Click Alert Notification.
  4. For Alert Preferences, enable options as needed.
  5. For Alert Recipient Email Address, enter the recipient email addresses.
  6. For Toner Cartridge Reorder Notification, enter the percentage of toner life remaining that triggers a reorder alert.
  7. To display the reorder message on the control panel, select Display Low Toner Reorder Message.
  8. For Drum Cartridge Reorder Notification, enter the percentage of life remaining that triggers an alert.
  9. To display the status on the control panel, select Drum Cartridge Status.
  10. Click Apply.

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