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How To Configure the Proxy Server

Product support for: B1022_B1025 MFP, B1022_B1025 MFP Family

Article Id: XNP-2018052814442300713 | Published: 06/28/2018

  1. Access Xerox® CentreWare® Internet Services.
  2. Click Properties > Connectivity > Protocols.
  3. Click Proxy Server.
  4. To configure the printer to detect proxy settings automatically, for Auto Detect Proxy Settings, select Enabled

    Note:  If Auto Detect Proxy Settings is enabled, you cannot edit the fields for HTTP Proxy Server, Name or IP Address, and IPV4 Address and Port.

  5. For HTTP Proxy Server, select Enabled.
  6. Select the Name or IP Address type.
  7. Type the appropriately formatted address and port number.
  8. If your proxy server requires authentication, for Authentication, select Enabled.
  9. If authentication is enabled, for Login Name, type the login name for the proxy server.
  10. Type the password, then type the password again to verify.
  11. To save the new password, click Select to save new password.
  12. To add a proxy exception list, for Exception List, type the URL.
  13. To use the configured default proxy settings script, for Use automatic configuration script, type the URL.
  14. Click Apply.

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