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Configure SMart eSolutions

Product support for
PrimeLink B9100/B9110/B9125/B9136
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SMart eSolutions is a collection of features and services that automates and simplifies the administration of Xerox devices. These features include:

  • Meter Assistant. The Xerox MeterAssistant provides Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). AMR submits billing meter reading data automatically. The billing meter reading data is used for customer billing purposes.

  • Supplies Assistant. The Xerox SuppliesAssistant provides Automatic Supplies Replenishment (ASR).  ASR orders device components such as toner, proactively.

  • Maintenance Assistant. The Maintenance Assistant provides Automatic Information Forwarding (AIF). AIF provides usage counters and fault conditions for Xerox technicians to manage device support requirements.

    Note: Specific enablement and support of remote services features varies according to the Xerox device model, configuration, and operating company.

    SMart eSolutions is enabled using a secure Internet connection between the printer and Xerox, using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols and 256-bit encryption. Only device performance information is sent to Xerox through the secure connection.

Use the information from your Configuration Planning to do the following tasks:

  • Configure DNS settings.

  • Configure the proxy server. In the Embedded Web Server, click Properties > General Setup > SMart eSolutions Setup > Proxy Server.

Enrolling and Setting up Communication

To enable SMart eSolutions and to set up communications:

  1. In the Embedded Web Server, click Properties > General Setup > SMart eSolutions Setup > Communication Status.

  2. Click Configure.

  3. For SMart eSolutions Enablement, select Enabled.

  4. In the Communication Setup area, for Daily Transmission Time, type the time of day for the communication transmissions between the printer and the communication server.

  5. For Payload Type, select an option.

  6. Click Apply.

  7. To test the communication between your printer and the Xerox server, click Test XCDG Connection.The display changes to simulate the communication transmission. The display changes again to confirm the success or failure of the test.