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Utilities & Applications

Xerox VersaLink Windows Firmware Download Utility Tool v5.3.6

Version 5.3.6 is required if trying to install firmware version xx.55.21 and higher. It will support all previous firmware versions as well.

  • Εκδόθηκε: 27/01/2020
  • Έκδοση: v5.3.6.0
  • Μέγεθος: 3.22 MB
  • Filename:



Xerox VersaLink C600/C500 Software General Release 61.51.1

This file contains machine firmware and install instructions. Unzip then download before attempting to install the firmware.

  • Εκδόθηκε: 04/08/2020
  • Έκδοση: 61.51.1
  • Μέγεθος: 392.66 MB
  • Filename:

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