User Guide and Training Aid (UGTA) Overview

This User Guide and Training Aid contains information in an easy to use point of need format. It contains many drawings, photos and videos to enhance your learning.

You print sections by printing each as you need them. When viewing a page. select File: Print from the Menu bar of your browser.

The RED tabs on the menu bar link to important sections of the UGTA.

Home returns you to this home page.

Site Map displays the program site map.

Search opens a search page making it easy for you to locate features of interest.

Index opens the Index page.

About this Site displays a page with information about this UGTA with links to symbols and conventions used and a supported browsers list. There are also hints on printing the pages of the UGTA.

How do I opens a page with a list of links that lead to pages describing how to copy, scan, print from file, setup complex jobs and so much more. This is a great place to start.

System Tour opens a page that leads you to photos, descriptions and in some cases videos highlighting each of the Nuvera systems and their modules.

Problem Solving opens a page that leads you to solutions for enhancing image quality, clearing jams, minimizing curl and others.

Maintenance opens a page that leads to pages showing to replace Customer Replaceable Units (toner cartridges, staple cartridges, etc), run user diagnostic routines, making system adjustment, general cleaning procedures and specification pages.

For information on how to distribute the UGTA and to print pages of the UGTA click About This Site.


Online Help

The Xerox Nuvera includes an online Help system, accessed by clicking Help at the top of the user interface. In the online Help, there are further details about user interface controls and general system usage.



Xerox Nuvera

The Xerox Nuvera systems are Xerox's flagship black and white printing production systems.

The Xerox Nuvera Copier Printers and Digital Production Systems are more than just copiers and printers. They are sophisticated publishing systems that allow you to publish original documents from your PC, change copies into new documents, add pages to documents, turn pages into booklets and store your jobs for printing as needed later on

The Nuvera is loaded with features to address your publishing requirements. Click on the the system photos to learn more.


Contacting Xerox

Before contacting Xerox, click on the Contacting Xerox link to get information on Service Codes, Serial Number locations, Remote Services, Telephone Numbers and Customer Replaceable consumable part numbers.

Contacting Xerox



Support Documents

These support documents provide information to help you maximize the productivity of your Xerox Nuvera system

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the following documents:

Nuvera Digital Production System Paper Guide

Getting Started Guide

5 Habits to Enhance Feeder Performance

Best Practices for Jam Clearance

prInteract, Xerox Remote Services









Click on the Copier/Printer photo to go to the Xerox Nuvera Copier/Printer tour page.

The Xerox Nuvera Copier Printer. Click here for a system tour.

Production System

Click on the Production System photo to go to the Xerox Nuvera Production System tour page.

The Xerox Nuvera Production System. Click here for a system tour.

New Features Version 7.0

For information on the new and updated features for Xerox Nuvera 7.0 go to:

New Features Page