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Setting Up a Proxy Server Using the Embedded Web Server

Unterstützte Produkte: VersaLink B600 / B610, VersaLink B605 / B615, VersaLink C500, VersaLink C505, VersaLink C600, VersaLink C605

Artikel #: x_VLC500_en-O1345 | Veröffentlicht: 28.03.2018

    NOTE: In most environments, a Proxy Server is not required for internet connections. Contact your System Administrator if you are unsure if your network requires one.

  1. Access the printer's Embedded Web Server (Web Interface). See the Related Content for additional information.

    IMPORTANT: Some features or settings are only visible or adjustable when logged in as a System Administrator. See the Related Content for additional information.

  2. In the Embedded Web Server, log in as a system administrator.
  3. Click Connectivity.
  4. For Protocols, click HTTP.
  5. To enable a Proxy Server, for Proxy Server, click the toggle button.

    NOTE: A check mark on the toggle button indicates that the setting is enabled.

  6. To set the configuration type, click Setup and select an option:
    • If your proxy server uses automatic configuration, select Automatic.
    • If your proxy server uses a configuration script, select Configuration Script. Type the URL to locate the configuration script.
    • If your proxy server uses manual configuration, select Manual, then configure the settings. For assistance, contact your system administrator.
  7. Click OK.

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