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WorkCentre PE220

WorkCentre PE220 Support & Drivers

Windows XP End of Support

>What you need to know (PDF)

Nota: Se seu Sistema Operacional e/ou Idioma não estão listados, não temos informações sobre disponibilidade do driver.
      • Date: Dez 18, 2009
      • Version: 12-19-2009
      • Size: 17,7 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      Windows Drivers and Utilities

      Installation package includes GDI print driver, Scan Driver, and Control Centre. Supports 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Operating Systems.
      Note: Not WHQL certified for this Operating System.

      • Date: Ago 1, 2007
      • Version: 4.14
      • Size: 753 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      Firmware v4.14

        Firmware for the WorkCentre PE 220.
        Note: Recommended for use with Vista. Upgrade firmware using Control Centre.