WorkCentre 7328/7335/7345/7346 con EFI Fiery Controller

WorkCentre 7328/7335/7345/7346 con EFI Fiery Controller Asistencia y controladores

A partir de mayo de 2019, este producto requerirá el uso de una aplicación de administrador de dispositivos para conectarse a servicios remotos. Lea el Boletín de Seguridad y visite la página de asistencia de Servicios Remotos para obtener más información.
Nota: si su sistema operativo y/o idioma no aparecen en la lista, no tenemos información sobre la disponibilidad del controlador.
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      • Fecha: jun 2, 2008
      • Versión:
      • Tamaño: 13 KB
      • Formato: PDF

      Electronics For Imaging software stored on the web page of the Fiery controller note.

        Electronics For Imaging (EFI) Printer drivers and utility software is stored on the Fiery Controller for the WorkCentre 7328/7335/7345/7346. It may be downloaded from the web pages of these machines. Software for both Windows (2000, XP and Vista) and Macintosh (OS 10.x) is available.
        Nota: This software is also supplied on the DVD titled "User Software" EFI Fiery Network Controller for Xerox WorkCenter 7300 Series. It requires a master installer to install any piece of the software and the total package is too large to load on this site.

    • Revisiones

        • Fecha: nov 16, 2009
        • Versión: 1.0 SP1
        • Tamaño: 1,4 MB
        • Formato: ZIP

        Patch (1-122WQM) for WorkCentre 73xx with EFI Fiery Controller v1.0 SP1

          Patch supercedes 1-ZW3JP 1. Print jobs not printing. Rebooting WorkCentre or Fiery corrects issue. 2. Print jobs that have printed correctly are not being cleared from the Active Jobs queue due to media problem. In CWS these jobs were staying in the printing state even after they successfully printed. This patch clears the printed jobs from the active job queue. 3. If Remote Desktop into the Fiery, the Fiery Bar shows "Exited" and a Program Error (fiery.exe) appears.

          • Fecha: dic 9, 2008
          • Versión: 1.0 SP1
          • Tamaño: 1,3 MB
          • Formato: ZIP

          Patch (1-ZXMPH) for WorkCentre 73xx with EFI Fiery Controller v 1.0 SP1

            This patch will fix an issue with Landscape documents in InDesign CS3/Intel Mac 10.5.x that are printing rotated after first page
            Nota: See the included Release Note for installation instructions and details.

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