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FreeFlow Web Services

FreeFlow Web Services Support & Software

Windows XP End of Support

>What you need to know (PDF)

Note: If your Operating System and/or Language is not listed, we do not have information regarding driver availability.

>Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS X

Note: Windows XP End of Support -- What you need to know (PDF)
      • Date: Aug 20, 2013
      • Version: 9.0x
      • Size: 167.1 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      FreeFlow® JMF Service 9.0x

        Please review the Customer Letter and Install Instructions contained within the downloaded ZIP file before beginning this installation.

        Please call your local Xerox Customer Support Hotline should you have any questions, or difficulties with the installation of this Service Pack.

        Note: As of Web Services 8.0 Service Pack 2, JMF Services 9.0 and it's Service Packs are officially supported.

        • Date: Feb 15, 2011
        • Version: 8.0 & 8.0 SP1
        • Size: 226.1 MB
        • Format: ZIP

        • Date: Sep 12, 2008
        • Version: 7.0
        • Size: 125.6 MB
        • Format: ZIP

        FreeFlow® JMF Service 7.0

          FreeFlow JMF Service implements the JDF Specification Version 1.2. The level of support is described in the FreeFlow JDF Support Specification, Version 7.0 document. It conforms to a subset of the MIS ICS level 2 and a subset of MIS ICS level 3. FreeFlow JMF Service is provided over http for nonsecure interactions only.

          The FreeFlow JMF Service support JMF clients such as Adobe Acrobat 7 and 8 Professional, and FreeFlow Web Services. Configuration of these clients is covered in section 2.3.

          Note: To install this FreeFlow JMF Service software, please download the zip file and extract the files to the Directories specified.

          Next, locate the install.exe file in the Windows\Disk1\InstData\VM directory and follow the specific installation instructions within Section 1.2.0 of the provided 701P48823 User Guide.

          • Date: Feb 15, 2011
          • Version: 8.0 Patch 3
          • Size: 82.3 MB
          • Format: EXE

          FreeFlow® JMF Service 8.0 Patch 3

            Install this patch only after installing 8.0 and 8.0 Service Pack 1