Phaser 740

Windows XP End of Support

>What you need to know (PDF)

Remarque : si votre système d'exploitation et/ou votre langue ne sont pas répertoriés, nous sommes dans l'impossibilité de fournir des informations concernant le pilote.
Remarque : Windows XP End of Support -- What you need to know (PDF)
  • Pilotes

      • Date: 7 janv. 2004
      • Version: 5.x
      • Taille: 814 KB
      • Format: EXE

      Optional PostScript Driver

      • PostScript
      Optional Windows 2000/XP PostScript driver.
      Remarque : This driver does not support advanced features of newer Xerox printer models and should only be installed when recommended to do so by a Xerox Support Center representative.

  • Utilitaires et applications

      • Date: 7 nov. 2011
      • Version:
      • Taille: 8,8 MB
      • Format: Fichier

      Xerox Font Management Utility

        This Windows utility allows you to download PostScript, PCL, or TrueType fonts to a printer.

        • Date: 4 nov. 2002
        • Version: 2.2.39
        • Taille: 10,2 MB
        • Format: EXE

        CentreWare DP Printer Management Software

          French CentreWare DP printer management software. Enables easy setup and configuration of Xerox network printers and remote management and monitoring of printers and consumables. (Note: The Phaser 3400 printer requires NIC Firmware version 2.05a.)

          • Date: 4 nov. 2002
          • Version: 1.2
          • Taille: 2,7 MB
          • Format: EXE

          CentreWare MC Printer Management Software

            Xerox CentreWare MC printer management software plug-in for Microsoft Management Console.

            • Date: 13 mai 2002
            • Version:
            • Taille: 8 MB
            • Format: EXE

            PrinterMap Printer Administrative and Management Software

              Xerox PrinterMap printer administrative and management software.